Down with the NRA!

This girl, Emma Gonzalez, who spoke today about the recent school shooting in Florida was AMAZING! I’m glad they’re all stepping up and speaking loudly like this. BRAVO! This was beautiful. I cried with how moving this was. Please watch.

My Narcissistic Mother

A while back, my husband found an article regarding narcissistic mothers and brought it to my attention. I didn’t quite understand why he did it until I read it. Until that time, I wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing as a “narcissistic mother.” I just thought that my mother was my mother. I never realized there was a terminology for her choice of behavior. It brought to light so many things that made me wonder and become confused about throughout my 30+ years of life. It made sense of a lot of things, yet also stirred up more and different questions than I had before. I wish I could find an expert on this matter in order to work things out.

For the rest of this blog post, I will be referencing this article as quotations. Some quotes were taken out of context/partial quotes because they’re very long in itself. It’s a good read, albeit long. Also note, when I quote my mother with improper grammar or broken English, it is because she speaks with a heavy Chinese accent and that is how I recall it in my head as accurate. Honestly, every point listed in this article can be somehow traced back to my mother, but I’ll address the ones that stick out the most. This post will be long below the “read more” line since a lot happened.


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