Corrective chiropractic care

01062015_1I recently found out that the alignment of my neck is a major contributor to my painful migraines and other health issues. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for about 1.5 years now, but my pain didn’t seem to go away as it did for shiranai. Since he works with computers, it made sense that sitting all day caused him to suffer, however it didn’t make sense for me to still be in similar (if not worse) pain as the year progressed with more appointments than he had. Over the weeks, he continued to get better, but I seemed to still be in the same amount of pain. When my migraines got worse, that is when my chiropractor decided to send me to get x-rays of my neck. My migraines used to dissipate after I took a nap or went to bed, but lately have become worse. They were incredibly nauseating as well as painful.

Here are a couple pics of my neck x-rays that shiranai took from our chiropractor’s computer using his phone cam (we don’t have access to the actual x-rays, sorry!):

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