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There’s just something special about all of the ARIA anime. There aren’t many words that can quite captivate the entire experience. Perhaps relaxing? Warm & fuzzy? Happiness?

So there’s the first series, “ARIA the Animation“. Then the sequel, “ARIA The Natural” and “ARIA the Origination” as the (current) final series. “ARIA the Avvenire” is due out end of September of 2015, which I don’t know anything about yet. However, it will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the first anime.

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For many years (5+), I stopped watching anime due to the lack of good stories. It seemed that everything coming out were recycled from shows I’ve already seen. Slap on different character names and chose different hair colors and there’s the newest anime. Add in a dash (or in many cases, a heap full) of fanservice and there ya go!

So I stopped watching.


Due to the lack of stuff to occupy my time lately, and access to the Crunchyroll PS4 app, I’ve been either using my new elliptical or planted on our couch catching up on tons of anime. A lot of it was horrible and honestly made me wonder why I even bothered. Watching paint dry would probably be more entertaining. However, the other day, I was on a queue-fest with the Crunchyroll app. I queued up about a dozen different anime, selectively watching the first few episodes and either putting them on hold or deleting them from my queue, wondering WTF was I thinking. One of the anime that has drawn me in and kept me marathon-ing is Chihayafuru.

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